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Valentine's Day Lookbook (Mom-Friendly)

Whenever a holiday or special event is coming up, our first thought is to buy something new. Honestly, I had plans to buy something new, but then I thought why? As some of you know I'm a stay at home mom, so buying pieces for one occasion really doesn't make sense. I want to encourage you moms to not feel pressured to buy new clothes every time something comes up. You should use what you have. I simplified the process by choosing four pieces that can easily be styled: black jeans, a blouse, sweater dress, and a pleated skirt. Most, if not all of these pieces you probably already own. I hope you find these outfits are an inspiration to create your own looks.

Look 1: Black Jeans and Blazer

Look 2: Black Jeans and Blouse

Look 3: Sweater Dress

Look 4: Pleated Skirt and Blouse

Until next time, Stay Chic!

Comment down below and let me know your favorite look!