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Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Hey Moms, As we enter a new and unique school year, We're beginning to realize that our tasks have doubled. For some of us, while working from home, we're now the teacher assistant, the school nurse, and lunch lady! Coming up with new ideas for lunch can be overwhelming at times.

By now, you're probably tired of the lunch ideas you currently have, and If you're like me you don't always want to make lunch for your children then make something different for yourself. Don't worry moms we are in this together! I needed some fresh ideas as well so I found some quick and easy lunch ideas and tips to help us all.

Sandwiches are a great idea for lunch. Mainly because there are so many varieties you can make. From gourmet grilled cheese to ham and cheese sliders the options are plentiful. Below are a few ideas to try.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Ham and cheese sliders

Turkey bacon and cheddar slidders

Wraps are another great option. You can fill them with whatever you like. Wraps are a sure way to please your picky eaters. Check out these options below

Southwest chicken wrap

Ceaser salad wrap

California turkey club wrap

Tip; All these options can be completely vegetarian by omitting the meat,

Also to save time you can buy prepackaged diced chicken, a caesar salad kit, you can also buy a bag of southwest veggies. Most of these meals can be prepared the night before which will also save time.

If you want your sandwich or wraps toasted you can throw them in an air fryer for a few minutes.

Salads yes salads! This the perfect way to introduce vegetables to your little one. salads can be fulfilling and a great healthy option. you can make a salad as plain or fancy as you like.below are a few choices.

classic cobb salad

Mexican chopped salad