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Nine Free activities to do at home

Since the beginning of social distancing (quarantine), us moms have been scrambling to find things to do with our children. Yes, we know the tv and tablets can hold but with most schools doing remote learning, we want to limit screen time. So moms, I have just the things for you. I have created a list of nine free activities to do with your little ones.

1. Did you know that you can get free, printable coloring sheets and craft ideas on crayola.com? In addition to that, they also have art kits that you can purchase.

2. Have a backyard picnic. Instead of eating inside, take your lunch or dinner outdoors.

3. Create a scavenger hunt. Trace items in your home and see if your children can find them.

4, Make a dish or dessert with your children. If your children are like mines, then I know they always want to help. Ask them what they would like to prepare and make it together. Studies show children are more likely to eat if they are apart of the preparation.

5. Do a tour of your city. Since traffic is low, this is a perfect time to sightsee. Make a list of some destinations, hop in the car, and take a pic to mark you have arrived.

6. Help your child create a photo album or journal to document this time, This can be something they can look back on and tell their children.

7. Create a challenge for your children to think about things they are currently thankful for. Moms, I know this is not what we are used to, but there is so much to be thankful for. Some of us may never get this opportunity to spend this much time with our children. Let's cherish this moment.

8. Have a spectacular movie night. Help your children make and design movie tickets. You can go to Dollar Tree to find items to create the perfect movie night. You can find the candy, popcorn, and even the containers to put the snacks in.

9. Make something basic, fun. We mixed baking soda and vinegar together, but the twist was adding food coloring. You can literally add anything from glitter to sprinkles or small toys to make the projects pop!