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Back to School Essentials (Remote Edition)

As the beginning of a new school year is approaching, it will look and feel completely different. Even though most students will start the year remotely, we still have to prepare. There are some back to school essentials that will make the process more efficient. This is our new norm for now so let's make the best of it.

If possible, create a designated work area. This will help create a routine. Your child will know exactly where to go each morning.

Your child will most definitely need an electronic device to participate in remote learning.

Headphones are another key piece to virtual learning. The headphones will block noise from the home.

In a traditional classroom, students have cubbies or lockers to keep their belongs, so I suggest getting small storage bins to keep work and homework organized,

Now that students are getting their education at home that also means lunch has to be prepared at home. To make things simple and cost-efficient, I suggest getting reusable storage bags and containers. With these, you can now meal prep their lunches.

Students may not be wearing uniforms or getting dressed as they normally would, but students should show up presentable. So, some comfortable clothes are needed. (no PJs)

Basic school supplies are still needed. Items such as pencils, crayons scissors, glue, and notebooks will most likely be used.

Moms during this time we also need patience. The teachers and our scholars are continually adapting to the new norm. But let patience have her perfect work (James 1:4)

lets recap:

  1. Designated area

  2. Chromebook, laptop, and headphones

  3. Small storage bins

  4. Reuseable storage bags and containers

  5. Comfortable clothes

  6. Basic school supplies

  7. The most important of all patience

Until next time, Stay Chic

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