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Three effortless chic outfits for stay at home moms

As moms, we don't have to choose motherhood over style; we can combine them both. Let's be honest, when we look good, we feel good. Because of our lifestyle, we need attire that is versatile. Your clothes should grant you the option to create multiple looks. I have intermixed some pieces to create three effortless looks that any mom can recreate.

For this look, I chose a classic trench coat, joggers, slogan tee, white flats, and a pink bag. Pairing more tailored pieces with basics elevates your entire look.

Here, I swapped out the joggers for jeans and changed my accessories. A good pair of jeans are a must-have for any mom. Jeans can easily take you from week to weekend, ,from play dates to date nights.

For this outfit, I keep the slogan tee and bag, but changed my outerwear, jeans and shoes. I wanted a causal look that was comfortable yet chic.

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