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Style hacks every mom needs to know

Don't we all wish we could wake up to our very own glam squad? Someone to do our hair, makeup and style us for the day? Well reality is most of us don't have that, so what can we do to always look put together? There are a few #stylefixes we can apply that will help us look our best each and every time.

Proper fitting clothes: Having proper fitting clothing is the key to any look, which includes undergarments. Having the correct bra and underwear will do wonders for your look. Always wear clothes that flatter your body and you feel good in.

Advance planning: This includes picking out your outfit and accessories and ironing your clothes ahead of time. You may think this will consume loads of your time, but trust me, it saves so much time when you actually have to get dressed for the day.

Have a go to hairstyle: Have a hairstyle that you know you can pull off with ease. Neat hair makes you look more polished. Sis don't forget your eyebrows. In my opinion, this is included with your hairstyle.

Accessories: These help elevate your look. Accessories add that final touch to any look.

Confidence: Be confident in who you are. It doesn't matter if you put on the perfect outfit and makeup is on point, If your not confident, then none of that matters. tell yourself you are enough!

Until next time stay chic

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