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How to upgrade your look for work

Purse and shirt is thrifted

Sometimes we can fall into a style rut when getting dressed for work.You may need to change things up a bit or add some fresh pieces. The question is "where do you start and what should you add?" Below are three ways to upgrade your work look.

First add some color. Typically when the weather cools down we tend to drift toward darker shades. Cooler weather doesn't mean dark and dreary, you can actually inject a punch of color. Doing this can give you a more perky look.

Next, try thrifting for some of those trendy pieces. Thrifting is a great way to enrich your wardrobe without breaking the bank. SN. Bag and shirt is thrifted

Lastly, work in some prints. The use of print can be a blouse, pant, scarf, or shoes. Prints allows you to have a focus piece, in which you can build your

entire outfit around.

Until next time stay chic

What are ways you upgrade your look? comment below