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Black & White With A Pop Of Color

We all know that black & white are classic colors. So It's is a must that you have these essential colored pieces in your wardrobe. Really for those days when you don't know what to wear.... Just go ahead and pull out your black & white, add a pop of color and #issalook ! During the summer, naturally you may not think about wearing black (unless your attending a formal event) but why not? If you are looking for a chic and classic look a black & white outfit is the just what you need. black & white together is a ideal combination, but when a pop color is paired against this pallet, it will make the outfit stand modern and sophisticated. Today's look

features pink heels, black pencil skirt, white tank and black/white shirt dress which in my opinion is ultra stylish. This look has versatility, you could wear this to work, church or out on the date. Be daring and play a little with your black & white pieces to find your ideal look, I'm confident that paring this outfit with any bright color would nail it every-time. Try it out this summer/fall and see what looks you can create!

Until Next Time Stay Chic