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The Perfect Dress For Summer

When shopping for the summer, I like to keep things cost effective. I truly feel as though you should not pay a ton for your summer pieces. I find that thrifting during the summer is great way to be stylish and affordable. Today's look is one of those #thriftedfinds. First, let me tell you the back story. I purchased this dress

from Target last summer and decided to give it away. That decision hunted me. Once it was gone, for some reason I begin to think of several ways to style this look. Can't you just picture this with some all white converse and a crossbody for a chilled look? cute! I know right! any-who... I was scrolling through pieces on

Thredup website (Online thrift store) and, lo and behold, I seen this dress! Needless to say, I bought it for a third of the of the original price and been loving it ever since! This is the perfect summer dress, you can wear it as a more chilled look as I described above or dress it up a little like I did with heels. This dress for sure will flatter most shapes and it as a fun print. If you thrift what has been your best thrift find?

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