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And I Get Dressed

Im a mom and I get dressed

As a woman and mom its so important to get dressed. What I mean is sometimes you have to get dolled up, not just for someone in particular but for yourself. I found putting effort into your appearance will actually make you feel better! As women we handle so much, we sometimes can neglect ourselves. Its so essential to take some time for yourself and getting cute for the day is one way to do it! I encourage all women to put effort in the way you look when you leave out for the day. We can do better than just throwing something on for errands. So what if your just going to the store, throw a little makeup on and that simple yet chic outfit! I know you're saying "Why would I do all of that?" Really the question is "Why not?" We should show our daughters, nieces and sisters that as women, it's important to be presentable when leaving the house. I started blogging for reasons such as these. I found myself complacent not caring for my appearance as much. I would tell myself "Oh I'm just going around the corner." However, around that corner I was running into old classmates, my husband co workers and guess what? I looked a mess! At those moments I just wanted to go hide. I now realize blogging keeps me accountable. I want to be an example to my daughters and the women around me by letting them know "Never let yourself go! Get up and get dressed!"

Until next time Stay Chic!

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